Who We Are


District Track Club’s mission is to serve local communities by developing, training and placing post-collegiate track athlete in positions of leadership in our sport and in positions of influence in community-based fitness, education and running organizations. Our founders and all of our members share a commitment to a single guiding principle:  athletes who compete for something bigger than themselves not only perform better in their sport, but they also plant the seeds of success and healthier lives in the communities and among the youth whom they serve as coaches, teachers and role models.

Performance + Competition

DTC coaches, administrators, and athletes contribute to a number of community initiatives and programs, but our main product is PERFORMANCE.

We are currently a developmental athletic program. We pride ourselves on the word “developmental” as we strive to provide all of our athletes with opportunities to grow athletically and professionally. Our team currently consists of various male and female US Championship Qualifiers, NCAA Regional and National Championship Qualifiers, NCAA All-Americans, and high school (NSAF) national champions.  After an extensive screening process, these athletes have earned an opportunity to work within a unique support system as they aspire to use the sport of track to better themselves and the greater metropolitan Washington community.

SUPPORT | We intend to grow in the amount of support we provide athletes each year. Our  current support system provides athletes the means to improve their current performances and to be competitive at national class events. In our first year, we provided our roster of athletes coaching training support, training gear support, travel support, and a wide range of training aids. DTC would not be possible without the support of our community of generous local organizations.

ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE STANDARDS | As we intend to improve our support, we also intend to improve the quality of our team’s overall performance. Below are the standards needed to apply for the District Track Club in 2017:

  1. Qualification and participation in a USATF National Championship event within last 2 years of competition.
  2. Qualification and participation in an NCAA National Championship event (cross country, indoor track, or outdoor track) within the last 2 years of competition.
  3. Qualification for the 2016 Olympic Trials.

Interested in joining our team? Apply here.

Community Engagement

Athletes who train and compete for something bigger than themselves perform better.

Since there are limited opportunities to compete as a team post-collegiately, our focus is directed towards being positive role models in the running community at all times. Throughout 2016, we began building relationships with local and national running-, health-, and wellness-based organizations to advocate for various causes that fit our given strengths. Progressing into 2017, we hope to both build upon these relationships and continue to foster the development of new ones alike.

As a member of DTC, all athletes are required to be involved in community programs in a self-directed manner. Each athlete is encouraged to set specific goals in terms of the type, amount, quality of service work they perform each quarter.