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District Track Club is powered by a team of organizations and industry professionals that display unparalleled expertise in their respective sectors.

Leadership Development

DTC actively engages its commitment to develop its relationship with Virginia-based, non-profit youth distance running leader Growing Runners by providing GR/GRTC with trained mentors, event support, and coaching resources for their track club members, parents, and coaches in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland regions.


Founded by Lionel Shaw in 2009 as a self-funded donor-advised fund at the San Francisco Foundation, The EACH Foundation’s mission is to leverage the skills of a volunteer diverse auxiliary group of 30 social entrepreneurs who grant funds to public charities in the unique verticals of Education, Environment, Arts, Animals, Children, Community, Health, and Homelessness.


With 14 locations throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Sport & Health is the premier health and fitness club in the National Capital Region. Sport & Health provides DTC athletes with an incredible training hub and the opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded, fitness-focused individuals on a daily basis.

Athletic Performance

Explosive Performance helps DTC athletes improve overall strength, speed, and athleticism by utilizing their specially-designed system based upon scientifically-proven methods of training. EP is also teaming up with DTC in their effort to educate local DC runners when it comes to proper strength training.

Physical Therapy + Gait Analysis

Grove Spine & Sports Care provides DTC with individualized and evidence-based treatments for sports medicine, and chiropractic and physical therapy. GSSC also utilizes OptoGait testing, a cutting edge gait analysis tool, to provide DTC athletes and EP Strength Coaches with the necessary data to tailor strength training and athletic performance routines to individual athletes year round.

Physical Therapy + Flexibility Training

Stretch Science provides world-renown flexibility training instruction and therapy to DTC athletes. Stretch Science has also teamed up with DTC in their effort to educate local DC runners when it comes to proper methods of stretching and improving flexibility.

Massage Therapy

DMV massage therapist Mark Falcone calls upon his years of experience working with all types of athletes, runners and non-runners alike, to provide DTC athletes with massage therapy. Mark is an integral part of keeping DTC athletes healthy, recovered, and ready to perform.

Mental Training

DTC athletes utilize the True Champion online training platform, which focuses on the integration of mind and body in sports, as a key component in their training. The world-class True Champion methodology allows DTC athletes to put a strong emphasis on the mental components of their individual athletic development.


Kra is a local company that creates organic sports drinks for athletes. Kra has become the chosen form of hydration for DTC athletes, due largely in part to the sport drink’s simple and great tasting ingredients.


Cocoa Elite products combine a high flavanol cocoa — scientifically-proven to support circulatory health — with the ultimate proportion of proteins and carbohydrates. Cocoa Elite provides DTC athletes with unbelievably convenient and great tasting products that show proven benefits to post-workout recovery and overall health.


Vital Choice offers a convenient and reliable source of sustainable seafood for athletes. Additionally, orders from our site to theirs (through the image link above) generate 8% back to District Track Club operations.

Performance Metrics

Training Optimization System (TOPS), LLC provides DTC athletes with phone apps to prepare them to  maximize training and performing  by optimizing their carbohydrate repletion, rehydration, and injury prevention.

Performance Metrics

Select DTC athletes utilize cutting-edge RunScribe™ technology to better understand their individualize mechanics as they approach different types of training.