Introducing: Giovani Mowatt

Giovani Mowatt graduated in 2015 from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science at his alma mater. Giovani enjoyed his time as a student-athlete at Howard and made some solid improvements from high school but he decided that he was not done training and competing after college. After meeting and interviewing Giovani, the DTC administrative staff decided that he would be a great fit in our developmental program with a hopeful bright future as a miler/half-miler.

Three to four days per week, Giovani and his roommate/teammate, James Carey wake up before sunrise to bike, metro, or catch a ride to DTC morning practice. Giovani balances rigorous post-collegiate training with academics and employment as a graduate assistant at Howard.

In 2016, Giovani has goals to become one of the best middle distance runners in his native homeland of Jamaica.  In a country where everyone wants to be the next great sprinter, Giovani hopes to use his experiences as a collegiate and post-collegiate to promote distance running in Jamaica.


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