Introducing: Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

After graduating from University of Maryland Baltimore County, Andrew Smith stayed in the Baltimore area to train with his college coach Matt Gitterman.  Andrew was a part of the UMBC coaching staff last year and used his experiences as a team captain to further help his former teammates through the 2014-2015 season.

Andrew graduated from high school as a 1:55 half-miler and after three solid years of competing, he finally had a break out senior season running 1:48 for 800m several times and qualifying to the NCAA Indoor Championships. Although he had and still has a great relationship with Coach Gitterman, Andrew decided that the team environment provided by the DTC would be what was best for the next step in his running and professional career.


Other than training and racing, Andrew is using his time in DC to find out what he would like to do when he is done competing. With a heavy interest in science, Andrew is currently working as a tutor to test the waters of working in education. He has also been working in with DTC staff and members of the Runscribe team to best utilize the wearable mechanics tracking devices for his teammates’ and coaches’ benefit.


Although Andrew did not have many opportunities to compete in 2015, he is currently training with the plan of making the 2016 Olympic Trials in the 800m.


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